Forming the SOJC Club Alliance

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Bobby Whittingham

Last spring we created a stock market index to follow stocks that are interesting for students. IR Futures members “buy” a stock of their choice for $1. We track the stocks on a Google Finance portfolio and watch for industry news and corporate developments that impact the stocks. During the first meeting of the following term, whomever’s stock has the greatest percentage increase in value wins the fees we collected and more importantly, crowned top stock analyst.

This term IR Futures invited a handful of other SOJC student groups to go head-to-head with us on the stock index. We offered to teach them what we know about stock fundamentals to get the index off on the right foot. Esuardo and myself are creating a brief presentation and will meet with Duck TV, AHPR and PRSSA.

What the presentation will cover

Mainly, we want to raise awareness for IR Futures and get students interested in personal finance. In terms of discussing stock market basics, the simpler the better. We’ll explain how corporate news announcements and industry trends impact stock prices. The IR Futures Google Finance portfolio and Wall Street Survivor game make it easy to follow stocks and get access to relevant market analysis and industry news. We hope to help students understand the dynamics and demystify the markets. Knowledge is power and we all have a stake in the financial markets even if we don’t own any individual stocks.

After making our rounds to the SOJC clubs, we hope to have an expanded student index up and running by the first meeting of next term. Who knows…if all goes according to plan the game could expand to all SOJC clubs!



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